Acres Down

Starting Points

Millyford Bridge car park

Acres Down car park



4 MILES (6KM) – Circular


A walk up to one of the highest points in the New Forest with stunning views over to the Isle of Wight on a clear day. Your descent from Acres Down will take you through woodland inclosures.

Starting from the Millyford Bridge car park between Bolderwood and Emery Down, take the path into the woods alongside the Highland Water. The stream meanders through the forest towards Brockenhurst and eventually becomes the Lymingon River.

The peaty water is a rich, dark gold colour in the sunshine as it runs over its gravel bed.

About 300m along the track from the car park is a clearing with a smaller track leading off to the right. Follow this path for about 1km as it takes you through the conifers, oak and beech trees of the Knowles. It gradually climbs – at one point crossing a small stream – and continues until you reach the exposed higher ground of Acres Down.

  If you look to the south east on a clear day you can see the ships on Southampton Water and the downs of the Isle of Wight.

Follow the path for about 400m along the top of the horse-shoe hill, joining up with another track to take you down to the Acres Down car park. The Acres Down farm shop and tea shop are also nearby if you need refreshments at this point.

From the car park, take the gravel path cycle route heading south west with the heights of the top of Acres Down on your left. There is a dog leg as the path takes a turn to the right shortly after the car park.

Continue straight for about 1km through Wick Wood, over Bagshot Gutter. Shortly after Bagshot Gutter, take a left turn and follow the path into Holmhill Inclosure.

The path loops around to the right for 700m, past a crossroads and joins another path. Shortly after the path crosses a stream, turn left at the junction and, after a short 250m stretch, you’ll join the main cycle path.

Turn left and head 1.3km straight along the path, out of the inclosure and back to the Millyford Bridge car park.

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12:53 am, February 26, 2024
weather icon 5°C
L: 4° H: 8°
light rain
Wind 6 mph NNE
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.04 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:58 am
Sunset: 5:40 pm
Daily ForecastHourly Forecast
weather icon
4° / 8°°C 0.04 inch 100% 27 mph 73 % 1010 mb 0 mm/h
weather icon
2° / 7°°C 0 inch 5% 13 mph 70 % 1022 mb 0 mm/h
Wed Feb 28
weather icon
4° / 10°°C 0.03 inch 86% 17 mph 83 % 1021 mb 0 mm/h
Thu Feb 29
weather icon
6° / 10°°C 0.04 inch 100% 19 mph 86 % 1006 mb 0 mm/h
Fri Mar 01
weather icon
3° / 8°°C 0.04 inch 100% 28 mph 76 % 1004 mb 0 mm/h
Sat Mar 02
weather icon
3° / 7°°C 0.04 inch 100% 17 mph 77 % 997 mb 0 mm/h
Sun Mar 03
weather icon
4° / 10°°C 0.02 inch 51% 23 mph 73 % 1010 mb 0 mm/h