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Brockenhurst is a hub for walkers – not least because it sits on the main rail line from London Waterloo. It was the line which brought Victorian visitors to the village in the 1860s to take in the fresh air and rural delights of the New Forest.

Walking routes spread out in all directions from Brockenhurst with some of the forest’s most beautiful woods and heath lands easily accessible on foot from the village.

Roydon Woods, south of the village encompasses 950 acres of protected woodland which is managed by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. While heading out across Black Knowl past the village allotments takes you towards New Park and Aldridgehill Inclosures.

For a more long-distance walk, you can follow the course of the old Dorchester railway line, known as Castleman’s Corkscrew railway line. Now a shared cycle route – it reaches to the village of Burley or you can use part of its length to walk to Sway village.

Heading north out of the village takes you to Balmer Lawn. The Balmer Lawn Hotel looks out over the village cricket pitch as well as the ‘Brockenhurst Beach’ – a shallow stretch of the Lymington River popular as a family bathing spot in the summer. You can access more forest tracks at nearby Standing Hat along Balmer Lawn Road.

Our Lyndhurst-Brockenhurst Loop walk takes you as far as Lyndhurst before returning via Brick Kiln Inclosure and Whitley Wood on the other side of the A337.

As well as the train station, Brockenhurst is also on the Bluestar 6 bus route between Lymington and Southampton and the New Forest Tour open-top buses which operate during the summer months.

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2 Hours 6 miles/10km

Balmer Lawn

2 Hours 5 miles/8km

Sway Station to Brockenhurst

3 Hours 8 miles/13km

Ashurst Station to Brockenhurst

3 Hour 7 miles/11km


3 Hours 7 miles/11km

Brockenhurst - Roydon Woods

1 Hour 3 Miles/ 5km

Rhinefield's Tall Trees

1 Hour 1.6 Miles/2.6km

Ober Water

4 Hours 10 Miles/16km

Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst Loop

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