Pondhead & Beechen Lane

Starting Point

Beechen Lane, Lyndhurst (nearest car park – Lyndhurst village centre)



4. MILES (7KM) – Circular

Explore one of the New Forest’s most beautiful inclosures on this ‘figure of eight’ walk on the southern edge of Lyndhurst. See the conservation work and careful woodland management carried out in Pondhead Inclosure before enjoying the peace and tranquility of the woods along Beechen Lane.


Head into Pondhead Inclosure through the gate from Beechen Lane – follow the path and you’ll come across Balanos the dragon – a sculpture creatively carved out of a fallen tree trunk. You’ll find him in a clearing behind a hedge shortly after a path junction, about 400m from the entrance gate.

Continue on the main path past some of the hazel copicing done by the Pondhead Conservation Trust. The 200-acre inclosure has not been grazed by animals for centuries so has a rich array of flora, birds and butterflies. In spring, when sunlight is able to reach the forest floor, this area is a sea of bluebells before the trees are fully in leaf.

 When the path splits, shortly after the dragon, take the path on the left. Follow the gravel path for 350m then turn right and follow the forest track round to the outer gate of the inclosure.

Exit the inclosure and turn left on to Beechen Lane. Follow the path downhill as it continues alongside Park Ground Inclosure. The path crosses a stream before a slight uphill stretch and continues on a flat straight for about 1km until it reaches its end at an open area of grassland.

Turn right through the inclosure gate. Continue down the hill, taking the first gravel path on the right which will bring you to another gate opening back on to Beechen Lane. Turn left after you’ve gone through the gate and follow the lane back to the double gate at the edge of the inclosure.

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8:21 pm, February 22, 2024
weather icon 4°C
L: 4° H: 11°
few clouds
Wind 7 mph WSW
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0.04 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 7:06 am
Sunset: 5:33 pm
Daily ForecastHourly Forecast
weather icon
4° / 11°°C 0.04 inch 100% 28 mph 89 % 978 mb 0 mm/h
weather icon
2° / 7°°C 0.04 inch 100% 17 mph 74 % 989 mb 0 mm/h
Sat Feb 24
weather icon
2° / 7°°C 0.03 inch 85% 11 mph 76 % 993 mb 0 mm/h
Sun Feb 25
weather icon
3° / 7°°C 0.04 inch 100% 28 mph 93 % 987 mb 0 mm/h
Mon Feb 26
weather icon
4° / 7°°C 0.04 inch 100% 31 mph 72 % 1008 mb 0 mm/h
Tue Feb 27
weather icon
1° / 7°°C 0 inch 0% 17 mph 63 % 1023 mb 0 mm/h
Wed Feb 28
weather icon
3° / 8°°C 0.03 inch 86% 7 mph 87 % 1021 mb 0 mm/h